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Welcome to the Focus and Filter Photography style guide!

So, you've booked your session, but now you have no idea what to wear. Don't fret, we're here to help. 


Let's start with the basics. You might be wondering why it is important to strategically plan your outfits and location based on the "vibe" you're going for. The truth is, the clothing you wear, and the environment for your photos will completely set the aesthetic for your photos. 


Neutrals Vs. Bold Colours

Whenever I'm asked about clothing for sessions, I generally have a rule that neutrals are always a safe bet. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to default to white or grey to achieve that aesthetic. Neutrals can be browns, oranges, pinks, mauves etc. They key is that it's not saturated or over-powering.

There is a time and a place where bold colours can be beneficial, but its important to keep in mind that more vibrant colours can end up reflecting on to the skin, which can lead to undesireable skin tones.


Red and Yellow

Everyone loves the look of a nice red buffalo plaid, or a mustard yellow sweater, but did you know that both of these colours can end up overtaking the entire photo? Both red, and yellow are found in caucasian skin tones, which means when you wear these colours, they can reflect on to the skin, and give your complexion a red/yellow hue. Yellow will also be found in any greenery, and some browns. This makes it difficult to isolate certain parts of your photos, and with a warmer editing style it makes it tough to get a true red or yellow without altering skin tones or other parts of the photo. There is a time and a place for red and yellow, (indoors, or in a very neutral location) but for the most part, its suggested to avoid these colours. That being said, yellow can be more versatile when not used in a very green environment, and it can look great in fall photos. 


Darker Skin and Colour Coordination

If you have darker skin tones, the key is to avoid completely matching your skin tone, or wearing something so vibrant that it takes away from you!


Pretty in Pink

Just like above, pink is one of the dominant colours in many skin tones. If you would like to wear a pink toned outfit, just try to avoid something that will blend in to your skin!


Navy Blue and Black

These colours are not suggested for locations with a lot of greenery, but can work when the setting is light and neutral to avoid blending in to the background.





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